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Welcome to my site!  I’m a small scale independent jewelry maker based in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.   My passion is enamel work focusing on beautiful Colorado mountain scenery.   All my pieces are one of a kind and limited to the stock on hand.  These pieces make terrific gifts for friends and family (don’t forget yourself!) 

Take a stroll though my site and see if something sparks your interest!









Enamel Pendants with various designs.

Necklaces made from State or National Park quarters.

Flexible bands allow you to twist multiple colors together for a unique necklace.


Enamel Earrings – made by sifting powdered glass over metal and heating in a kiln.  Each earring has 6-8 firings.


These State or National Park rings made from coins – that’s right, good old USA quarters as well as pretty coins from around the world make wonderful souvenirs from your travels…

Or just to commemorate the state you live in or were born in.

Guaranteed Fit!


These bracelets are also made with the State or National Park quarters that have been domed slightly.  The wrist straps are totally adjustable and come in a variety of colors and materials.

The flexible bands make great bracelets.  Just wraps it multiple times around your wrist for a bangle, or add a little twist to it to make a rosette on your wrist.

Flexible Bands sale-animation

Necklace, Bracelet & Scarf Accent all in one!  Twist multiple strands together to create some amazing jewelry!


Retired Stampin’ Up! products

I used to sell Stampin’ Up! artistic rubber stamps & supplies.  See the retired items I have for sale.