Cloisonne Earrings – Crane with Red background (Teardrop)

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This pair of cloisonne earrings are of a Sandhill Crane in a circle with a red background and are teardrop shape.  These are the same size as the small pendants I sell.  Each earring is 3/4″ wide and 1-1/4″ tall (not including the ear wire which is approximately 3/4″ long).  The ear wires are sterling silver.  The back of the earring is white enamel.

Cloisonne earrings are hand-made using wire and glass enamel.  The wire is bent into the shape of the design, then layers of enamel (powdered glass) are put on the piece and fired in a kiln to melt the glass onto the metal.  Each piece has between 10-12 firings in the kiln.  The finished earrings are domed and fired to a glossy shine.

Since each item is one of a kind, it may be slightly different than the image shown



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